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Tired of your outdated fluorescent lighting?

Call our electrician to upgrade your home with recessed lighting in your Charlotte, NC area home

No matter how nice of a space you have in your home or office, it’s important to make sure you have the best lighting possible. Poor lighting can really make a space unenjoyable to be in and is sure to kill a mood.

One of the most popular options for home and office lighting in Charlotte, NC is recessed lighting.  Recessed lighting is a trend that has been around for decades, but doesn’t seem to ever go out of style.  Recessed lighting is also a beneficial way to create an ambiance and give any space a great atmosphere. 

There are many benefits to installing recessed lighting in your Charlotte, NC area home including:

  1. Recessed lighting comes in various sizes and options.  You can choose specifics such as the size and shape of each light.  You can also customize the trim options for these lights so they can appear more hidden in the walls or ceiling or can be made to stand out as an accent.
  2. You can use recessed lighting to highlight a specific object.  If there’s a loved piece of art or family portrait you’d like to showcase, recessed lighting is the way to go.
  3. Most recessed lights have the option to use a dimmer.  This allows you to choose the intensity of lighting based on the mood you’re trying to create. 
  4. Recessed lights can also make any room feel bigger.  Since they take up less space and are installed directly into the ceilings, they do not take up the unnecessary space that alternative light options do. 

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LED recessed lighting has also become an immensely popular option for homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area.  LED lights are extremely energy efficient and last much longer than other lightbulb choices. With LED lighting you can also control the color and warmth of the space.

To modernize your home, change the look of your space, and take control over the mood in your living area, call Sky Electric today to install recessed lighting throughout your Charlotte, NC home.

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