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Protect your family and keep them safe from electrical accidents

Professional Childproof Outlet Repair and Installation in Charlotte, NC

Do you have children in the house or grandchildren that visit frequently? Call Sky Electric to safeguard your home and get the job done correctly.

As a family-owned business, we understand that child safety is extremely important.  There’s no easier way to protect your family from electrical dangers than by having tamper-proof electrical outlets installed. 

Tamper-proof outlets are easy for Sky Electric to install throughout your Charlotte, NC home and they prevent from outside objects, such as keys and paper clips, from being inserted into them. 

Over five children every day are treated in the hospital for electrical damages, so it’s important to make sure there are no unsafe options in your home. 

A lot of parents rely on plastic covers to go over the electrical outlets in their homes.  These plastic covers are easy to remove by both adults and children and they can even be a choking hazard.  Tamper resistant outlets are much safer for your family and children and create the permanent solution you’ve been searching for.

Call our licensed and expert electrician at 704-261-5709 to childproof your Charlotte, NC home and prevent any danger from happening.